• What is the ABBV Mining Center?

    ABBV Mining Center was founded by a Energy Company in 2018 ABBV is an international energy company offering a cloud mining product. We have over 1600 private and 50+ business customers at ABBV Mining Center in Estonia.

    And today, our vission is Global Scale with this Cloud Mining Software which connected our phisical mining machines.

  • What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central repository or single administrator.

  • Where is your mining farm located ?

    ABBV Mining Centers are located in North Europe, Estonia.

  • When my contract will be active in my user panel?

    Your Cloud Mining Contracts start up automatically to when 2 confirmation on bloackchain after payment. We do not accept credit cards payment method in order because of not to be affected by the bitcoin exchange rate difference.

  • How does our Affiliate program work?

    Please refer to our Affiliate page: https://www.abbvmining.com/affiliate-program to get more information.

  • What is energy and why do I have to buy energy?

    Energy on ABBV Mining Center means the electrical power required for the operation of mining machines. Each electronic device requires electrical power to work. Bitcoin mining machines also needs electrical power to work.

    Therefore, make sure that you have enough energy power before buy a device package. Each mining device has different mining power (TH/s) and requires different energy power.

  • What is my expected return on investment?

    Other cloud mining companies will tell you this is not clear. But as ABBV Mining Center, we can tell you almost exactly the time of ROI with our CryptoCurrency Investment Experts.

    Our ROI time is 185-190 days. That's almost 2 times the profit.

  • Is cryptocurrency mining profitable?

    No not always if you are paying high energy costs.

    However, we are an energy company and we produce our electricity ourselves. Thus, we can always able to do high profitable bitcoin mining with low energy costs.

  • How often will I receive my profit?

    Newly mined coins are paid into your balance the 15th and 16th day of the month, if it is a working day,if not - the next working day. Our minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC (and its equivalent in other currencies).

  • Why do I have to click on collect button?

    You have to press the collect button on ABBV Mining Center Control Panel every 24 hours to continue without suspension when you rent a mining equipment. Mining machine will stop and doesn't produce more bitcoins If you haven't clicked the collect button after 24 hours.

    This is necessary because we want you to visit the website at least once a day. As you know, we needs to active users community for go to the top of Google Search.

    We choose to share this budget with you instead of spending money on advertising.