Affiliate Program

Use your website or blog
  • Post articles about
  • Place ABVV banners or images on your website
  • Linked our profit calculator on your website page
Advertising with Youtube
  • Record and publish your video about ABBV Mining (including affiliate links in the description below the video).
  • Put our official video on your channel
Use social networks
  • Place affiliate links in your group
  • Place affiliate links on your personal page
  • Comment on thematic groups, video clips, posts, etc.
  • Comment on topical sites, blogs
  • Record and post your videos/pictures in the album
Place our official video/pictures in your album
  • You can leave comments on thematic articles on websites / blogs. The more organic your comment is, the more likely that the moderator will approve it. On the contrary, thoughtless posting of posts with affiliate links is unlikely to benefit, such comments are likely to be deleted
Communicate on the forums
  • Create new topics in the forums
  • Answer in thematic thread forums
  • Send affiliate links in the signatures of your messages
  • Payments under the affiliate program are conducted in Bitcoins as well as in any other cryptocurrency
  • For every user you invite to the program, you can get 3% of the purchased cloud mining machine.
  • The values of partner awards can be changed over time. Then all the funds earned are accumulated on your account.
  • Once you reach the minimum amount, you can withdraw your total balance, including bonus payments.
  • The browser does not pass the parameter to the address of the page from which the transition was made
  • The partner is fully responsible for the security of its authentication data (login and password) to access the account.
  • By signing up for the affiliate program, the partner automatically signs up for the newsletter. If necessary, the partner may refuse from subscription.
  • These conditions can be changed unilaterally without informing the participants of the program, but with the publication on this web page.
  • It is forbidden to place a partner link:
  • !!! Multiple accounth on same IP is strictly prohibited. !!!
  • For creating duplicates of your own account ( All account with connected each other will be banned from ABBV Mining Center )